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After a well-deserved break, rediscover what it means to be at peace and find the best feeling and happiness that comes with the long-term benefits of your relaxing experience.

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Lower Your Heart Rate and Blood Pressure. Detach yourself from the bustle of life when you take a step forward with Sennaa Mobile Spa massage treatment. Let us remove you from your daily stresses and revitalize your body with our wide range of treatments; leaving it in top physical shape.

About Our Massages

Our massages are created precisely to restore, cure, refresh, and enhance your general health. Our traditional, sensual, physical, and customized massage packages offer a selection of high-quality treatment sessions. If you’re looking for comfort, healing, and relaxation, you’ve come to the right place.

What People Say

Lucas Abraham Magodo

Quiet an amazing experience. Never believed hot oil massage can be this good.

Kunle Adebambo Ajah

"Where do I start? Your weight loss program is the best. I searched and have been all over trying many different places. After much confusion, I now know exactly where to get a massage."

Ngozi Nkwoji Magboro

This is my go-to place whenever I want to relax or treat myself. The therapy is very professional and very accommodating. She is particularly meticulous with hygiene and strive to see that the client is comfortable and happy with the results and I have recommended it to all my friends!!

Moboluwaduro Johnson Lekki

Great Spa to call for a spot of beauty and relaxation! Have been doing my spa Senna Spa for a while now and I'm very happy with the service and friendliness of the staff. Have to highlight that the cleanliness and hygiene levels are superb which I find exceptionally important. Highly recommend!!!!

Ibrahim Adekoya Ikoyi

This services is a 5-star experience. Personal service, meticulous manicure, and pedicure! Highly recommend!

Stephen VGC

Wow! Truly amazing service! Hard to believe that a services like this is in Lagos.

Reuben Ikeja

This is my first point of call, whenever I want to relax or treat myself. The therapist from Senna Spa was very professional and very accommodating.

    Why choose to have a massage?

    We pick massage because it has more useful therapeutic effects, prevents sickness, and promotes mental relaxation.

    Decreases Stress

    One of the main benefits of massage is the feeling of intense relaxation and tranquility. Endorphins, which are brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that provide feelings of well-being, are also produced as a result of massage.

    Heals Injury

    After an injury, massage therapy can aid in the reduction of scar tissue, discomfort, and stiff muscles. By expanding blood capillaries, massage helps cure injuries. Additionally, collagen fibers are disassembled and repositioned, increasing tissue flexibility.

    Calms Anxiety

    Vasodilation brought about by massage improves venous return, which boosts blood flow and oxygen delivery to all of your organs. Your entire cardiovascular system unwinds as a result, and your circulatory health as a whole is enhanced. The "rest and digest" mode of the parasympathetic nervous system helps to control blood pressure and heart rate.

    Improves blood flow to the bones

    Massage significantly affects your skeletal system and also helps you feel calmer and more invigorated. Blood flow carries calcium and other minerals to your bones to maintain their strength and function.

    Helps a wide range of illnesses

    Myotherapy, which is similar to a massage, is effective at treating chronic low back pain, according to study. Additionally, it aids in delaying soft tissue injuries and other problems.

    Lymphatic Cleansing

    Your body has a system called the lymphatic system that removes pathogenic organisms, waste products, and dead cells. There are noticeable large lymph nodes in the pelvis, armpits, and neck. Your therapist will drain your lymphatic system and flush blood through your muscles and tissues.

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